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A rare sighting of a Waffle boy sends young Pancake Jake on a quest in Breakfast Land:  he wants to make friends with the Waffles who have long been the enemies of the Pancakes simply because they look different. With courage and kindness, Jake discovers a long-lost recipe that proves Pancakes and Waffles are actually made of the same ingredients. What a wonderful and beautiful impact this has on Breakfast Land! And he becomes friends with Wally Waffle. 

The charming illustrations and playful text make for a fun read that will encourage important conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusivity. This story about friendship and equality is both timely and timeless. 

Targeted for ages 6 to 8, but really this story and its message is for every child as well as for every adult. Perfect for readings in schools & libraries and as a bedtime story. 

A portion of the proceeds from this book go to support which promotes healthy racial identity development in youth.

Illustrated by Taimy Studio
Published by Light Messages/TorchFlame Books, Durham, NC

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“Sharon O’Donnell has crafted a heartwarming and timeless tale about diversity using characters that will resonate with children in a subtle, yet powerful way. She uses her lovely, engaging story as a vehicle to share the message that we are much more alike than we are different. And while her goal is clearly to educate her child readers, I’m pretty sure she will also inform a few adults along the way that the journey to understanding begins with and open mind and compassion.”

-- Amanda Lamb, veteran TV reporter & author of fiction, non-fiction, & children's books, including I Love You to God & Back


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